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Libby is an intuitive empath, spiritual mentor, author, speaker, teacher, counselor, and lifelong learner. She started her professional career as a teacher and school counselor. During her 18 years in education, she helped thousands of children, teens, and families navigate life. However, constantly dealing with others’ grief took a toll on her health which led her to alternative healing. She tried many modalities that worked and soon began feeling better. As Libby gained clarity in her life, she realized that she was being called to something different. In 2017 she started helping others with their own health and wellness journeys and left her job in education in 2019 to pursue her love of writing. Her passion is awakening the intuition in others and teaching them to trust themselves.

Libby’s zest for learning has led her to research and try many healings methods. She believes there isn’t one magic pill or method that works for everyone. Each person has their own journey which has led them to where they are currently standing. Libby tailors all her sessions to each individual as she listens to their stories of where they have been.

Everyone deserves to shine

With a compassionate and intuitive approach, Libby's mission is to empower individuals on their healing journey, assisting them in finding their own inner light and unlocking their true potential. Whether you're seeking relaxation, energy balancing, or spiritual guidance, "Find Your Light with Libby" is your destination for transformative sessions that nurture the mind, body, and soul.

For those seeking guidance and insight, Libby offers Tarot and Oracle Card Readings. Through the use of cards and her intuitive abilities, she provides personalized readings that shed light on various aspects of life, including relationships, career, and personal development.

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