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What is Energetic Facelift?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Energetic Facelift is a wonderful way to rejuvenate and reverse signs of aging on the face and throughout the entire body. It is a dynamic, yet gentle, hands-on technique that can help people move and transform a lot of the limiting energies and judgments that get locked in our face, head, chest, and body.

Many problems are stored in our face. When we worry, we scrunch our eyebrows.

When we get angry, we frown. Our face remembers the energy behind those feelings. Every time you look in the mirror and judge yourself, that energy is locked into your cells.

The good news is that Energetic Facelift can erase cellular memory of judgment without surgery, injections, creams, or pills.

It rejuvenates the body AND the being!

Similar to a session with Access Bars, when you arrive for your Energetic Facelift session you will lie down comfortably on a massage table (fully clothed) and just relax.

A gentle soothing touch will be applied to your face and neck which activates your body’s cells to restore, awaken, and rejuvenate. It encourages your body’s natural healing capabilities to work deeper and quicker.

You should get Energetic Facelift done if…

-you want to reverse signs of aging

-you are looking for an alternative beauty technique

-you feel stressed, tired, anxious, or worried

-you judge the way you look

-you want to improve the elasticity of your skin

-you want to relax

If you are looking for an affordable way to feel better about your face and body, then make the decision to get an Energetic Facelift!

Life is full of possibilities. What will you choose?

You can find more information about Energetic Facelift on the Access Consciousness website:


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